Enterprise collaboration without e-mail.


Office management

Purchases of large volumes can also be easily managed with full transparency throughout the whole process. All contracts, invoices and related documents can be stored and retrieved later; incoming and outgoing letters are also registered and trackable.

  • Complex purchasing management
  • Registration of contracts
  • Digitisation of documents
  • Registration of letters


Managers can now view the projects under their authority anytime at last, corporate operation can be supervised, and the status of assigned tasks and workflows can be monitored. Since the most important information become accessible employees will be able to focus on their actual tasks and the fluctuation caused by administrative workload is reduced.

  • Project management
  • Transparent, controllable processes
  • Reduced administration


The operative process of IT-infrastructure becomes easier for the IT department. Internal and external help desk functions can be established in the system, which may be used to manage IT-related problems and development requests. Access authorization to corporate information for newly appointed employees can be requested through the system.

  • Establishment of the help desk function
  • Managing IT-infrastructure
  • Surveying IT-related demands
  • Authorization management

Sales and marketing

The complete process, from the first meetings to concluding the contract can be tracked by the sales staff. No more stuck offers, unapproved draft contracts, because with assigned participants and deadlines the system ensures the efficient and successful management of the complete process. Purchasing processes of marketing will also become transparent, and all information related to campaigns can be shared. The commenting, approval, and tracking of marketing campaigns related to introducing products become simpler.

  • Supporting the bidding process
  • Collection of information
  • Monitoring marketing purchases
  • Evaluation and approval of marketing plans


It makes the administration of the application-selection process quicker and more efficient (management of approvals, registration of applications, sharing results, etc.). Since newly employed colleagues can learn to get to know the organization more easily, the integration of new employees is faster and they can become active members of the team sooner. The organization of internal and third party trainings becomes easier, just as the management of employee-related records, and vacation request processes as well.

  • Administration of the application-selection process
  • Commencing and terminating employment
  • Management of employee-related records
  • Supporting the vacation request processes
  • Maintaining internal newsletters


Product development and introduction projects, and also the complete documentation related to the preparation of manufacturing can be managed in the system. Communication with suppliers and the operation of the logistics system (shipping documents, packing slips) become simpler, and with using mobile access, they are not limited by location.

  • Management of pre-manufacturing processes
  • Management of manufacturing and quality assurance documents
  • Communication with suppliers
  • Management of logistics documents


No more lost, unpaid invoices and misplaced contracts. Invoices from suppliers, partners, and clients may be registered in one place; related processes of the system support the approval procedure, to ensure that financial deadlines are met. Bixbit handles e-invoices easily, and it also supports the management and approval of offers (bids) and contracts.

  • Invoice management and approval
  • Registration of contracts
  • Management of e-invoices
  • Management of offers (bids)

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