Document management

The bixbit collaboration software is introduced

Bixbit combines four critical areas of the successful operation of companies (document management, teamwork support, task management, and workflow) on one transparent, “smart” interface. This guarantees that individuals, work teams, divisions, and sites and therefore the whole company is able to improve its position through more efficient as well as more productive organizational operation. Bixbit creates a category on its own: necessary and relevant information is accessible to all the people concerned, always at the right time and this is how efficient cooperation is guaranteed.

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ERP system integration

When choosing a Workflow system attention should be paid to whether the software can be flexibly integrated with other systems. Companies endeavor to improve their workflow using several software solutions at the same time. So, for example, there are ERP, CRM, HR and Bixbit softwares, and several of them may be present according to the company’s needs. ERP systems are there to control the resource allocation of companies; HR systems help with the management of human resources; while CRM systems manage the client database.

The well known and widely used ERP systems are functionally strong and have a workflow module. However, these were designed for primarily standard workflow support. The development of individual needs is complicated and not cost efficient. Exactly this is why it is worth implementing a separate workflow software next to our already existing enterprise resource planning software where you can flexibly design and carry out all the workflows.

If our workflow solution can be properly integrated to our already functioning ERP system then it makes data movement possible between the two systems at any point of the process. For example, contract approval is a typical workflow when following the approval in the workflow system the contract automatically gets into the ERP system.

Workflow systems cooperate with other softwares in most cases; therefore, their compatibility is of key importance when a workflow solution is selected.

You do not wish to replace your enterprise resource planning software, but you need a new solution for the electronic management of your business procedures? The bixbit software offers a complete solution for your problems: it is a workflow, task management, document management, and collaboration software in one. So, besides automating your workflows and registering your documents securely it gives you the opportunity to manage teamwork projects as well as tasks.