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What is Teamwork Support?

Has it ever happened at your company that it was difficult to get colleagues who work far apart together for a shared task or was the sharing of information that caused troubles? If the answer is yes you should consider the implementation of a teamwork support solution.


Collaboration softwares provide a communication interface for daily work where employees can share important information with one another, they can interactively chat even in real time, they can join conversations, and they can share their opinion about a project, idea, or problem. The software provides an interface where colleagues can work and communicate on the same interface without lengthy e-mail exchanges or personal meetings; they can communicate and share information with one another so, applying the system makes it possible to eliminate constant circular correspondence.

Using a collaboration software we can avoid such critical situations when important information is blocked within the company or a colleague does not gain information in a competent issue. We can decrease the number of these events to almost zero and the efficiency of the work significantly increases.

The greatest advantages of using collaboration softwares:

  • Simple, easy to learn communication interface, you can learn how to use it even without special instruction,
  • It substitutes constant e-mailing: instead of e-mails there are topics and instead of sending the emphasis is on sharing,
  • They are excellent for managing project work
  • Any time – even years back- we can access documents, their versions, comments, shares because once something is saved it cannot be deleted from the system.
  • Even colleagues who work far from each other can get to know each other easily: when a new colleague arrives it accelerates the process of getting to know everyone,
  • immediate, real time messaging is available with the chat program, consequently communication becomes faster,
  • Remote access is possible with the mobile app,
  • Complex search possibility for documents and tasks.

Teamwork support is not a function, but it is an advantage that comes from the connection of several channels of communication. The success of a company can be greatly defined by the quality of information and work distribution among colleagues. Teamwork support softwares help managers to coordinate these tasks professionally.

The future belongs to collaboration software the time of e-mails is over. Working together will be a treat while the management will be able to fully control the distributed tasks and workflows. If you would like to find out more about a solution that is a document magament, task management, teamwork support, and workflow software in one contact our colleagues or ask for the presentation of our software!