Document management

Document management audit – an indispensable step during the implementation of a document management system!

How are you supposed to figure out what kind of document management system you need?
You’re not supposed to… Ask for the help of an experienced document management expert to map your company’s document management procedures!

Most companies do not even see how many possibilities there are in their company’s document and file management. Moreover, at many places this is also paired with the attitude that they consider the introduction of a document management system an inconvenience and they wish to spend as little on it as possible. During a document management audit the company’s existing, but hidden information comes to the surface that help us point out what grade of productivity and return can be achieved with the implementation of the right document management system. And, the numbers will convince You as well.


What happens during a document management audit?

During the audit the company’s document management practice in the organizational structure is mapped out and the company is examined in terms of hardware as well as software. The end result is a recommendation for document management that clearly shows where you can and where you should change in the area of administrational procedures.

The milestones of the document management audit

1.    Kick-off meeting

The first step of the document management audit is a 1.5 hour kick-off meeting that takes place on the client’s premises.

This is a short informative meeting with no obligations, talking about the following:

  • The main advantages of the bixbit system,
  • How can you increase the productivity of your company by implementing a document management system,
  • Scheduling of the audit,
  • Costs you can expect in connection to the software implementation,
  • Elaborating the recommendation for optimization that examines the present document management practice,
  • Appointing contact persons

The kick off meeting means no obligation for the client. Request our free document management audit and make the operation of your company more productive!

2.    Audit and analysis

During the document management audit the expert maps out the company’s present administrational and other workflows and analyses that s/he has seen and heard. Basically, our expert examines how efficient the present document management procedures are, how can they be improved and what efficiency can be achieved by development. The efficiency audit includes the audit of the life span of the incoming and outgoing documents including the technology (printer, scanner, traditional mail), the way of arrival (traditional mail or e-mail) as well as examining the complete procedure from registering to approval.

During the audit the expert keeps asking questions and it is good if on the company’s behalf there are representatives both from the executive side (CEO, CFO, IT manager) as well as from the key users’ side (expert, office manager), since this is how we can acquire a complete picture of the company’s document management habits based on which the audit expert puts together the recommendation tailored to the given company. Questions do not ask for data such as the profit of the company; question only need to be answered for the setting up of the audit.

The following questions may come up during the audit:

  • Who take part in the procedures?
  • Who are the ones that approve/evaluate?
  • What policies are in effect that have different documents connected to them?
  • What data are recorded from the documents?
  • Do you use forms?
  • What are the documents that require special handling / high security?
  • How do you handle them now?

It is a legitimate question that by having the questions above answered what kind of statements can the document management expert make? Among other things the time spent on the approval and evaluation of invoices and contracts becomes visible; precious working hours spent on retrieving documents can be exchanged for money; and, s/he learns about the efficiency and utilization indexes that can be linked to the company’s document management.

Did you know that:

  • Workers spend almost an hour every day to search for information?
  • An average worker prints 45 pages a day?
  • By implementing a document management system the working hours spent on administration can decrease by even 33%?

As a result of the audit the expert is able to make a recommendation for an expectable document management solution, that is the most suitable for the company.

3.    Creating the document management recommendation

It is important that the representatives of the company would assess the results of the audit together with the document management expert. There are no two companies that are the same, every company’s document management is different so, at this point the company’s unique ideas and requests can be included, based on which the document management methodology tailored for the company can be created..

After the audit the expert will precisely calculate the measure of savings that can be achieved through the recommended document management solution. You can face all the costs that the present document management practice generates and what that amount would be if you used the new methodology. So, the document management audit is based on established information: all the data found are turned into numbers and money to help the decision making in connection to the implementation. With the help of workflows and documents that the expert got to know the document management realization plan is created; it completely mirrors the company’s needs and means the most savings in terms of energy and costs for the company.

4.    Presentation of the document management recommendation

As a last step, the recommendation for the optimization of document management is presented to those who are mainly affected by it and the finalized data found during the document management audit are given over to the company.

Ask for our free document management audit and increase your company’s competitiveness by applying our solutions!