Document management

What is a good document management system like?

It is very difficult to make a general statement in the subject. One that is a perfectly suitable system for a company may only be a partial solution for another one. Every company is different, with different needs and procedures so, the document management system has to be adapted to the expectations of the company. Something that is good for one company may not be good for another. Not to mention that the needs and procedures of the corporate sphere and the public sphere differ, besides, the electronic document management of public organizations is strictly regulated by law that requires the use of document management system. Therefore, the question legitimately arises: “I wonder which one knows the things I need?” You can define characteristics that define a good document management system, but the presentation had a more important message: the good document management system is the one that best fulfils the document management needs of the given company/organization.


Why are document management systems necessary?

Is the time of e-mails over? – Yes!

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Did you know that during a decision procedure we send 65 e-mails on average?

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