Document based workflows

Have you ever thought that with those document management systems that support workflow you can decrease the time you spend finding documents by 30%?

The DMS, that is, Document Management System softwares are designed to optimize the document management of the organization and to manage the document based workflows (invoice approval, contract evaluation). Today, more and more companies realize that efficiency increase is not possible without the structured registry of business documents so, for the efficacy of procedures and workflow they augment the ERP systems with DMS systems.

Document based workflows

A well selected electronic document management customized for the needs of the given company shows visible return also in the balance sheet. With its help workflows are accelerated, the whole company operation becomes more transparent, the invoice and contract registry, e-mails and other documents can be filed, ordered, and managed uniformly. Statements can be done precisely and up to date so, they support executive decision making effectively.

A good document management system can be highly integrated; it fits to the already existing ERP or even workflow solution; it makes two way data connection possible consequently, the implementation can be done quickly and smoothly. However, it often happens that a company, an institution does not have separate workflow software. In such cases DMS softwares that have their own workflow module present a solution and support efficient management even when there are several organizational units or sites.

Document management systems offer a solution to companies, institutions with administrational problems independently of size or fields of operation. Before implementation there is always a previous assessment when the given institution’s document management practice and workflow level are evaluated. Based on the results and numbers they offer the solution best tailored to the organization. This guarantees that the implemented software actually brings the expected return, supports workflow and makes the exchange of information more efficient.

Would you like software that does not only provide a solution for your problems with document management, but efficiently automates your company’s workflows as well? Have you been thinking that instead of chains of e-mails you would rather work in a collaboration software with your colleagues?

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