Human Resources specific workflows

At your company how much time does it take on average to process the vacation request of a colleague? Is it always clear who can approve a vacation request?

A good workflow system can help the operation of each organizational unit within a company, but it can support the procedures of the HR department at several points. As a first step, at the managerial level it needs to be defined what kind of default workflows have to be created for the support of HR procedures then decide which colleagues should work in which work phase. Once this is done, the system will forward the right data and right information to the right colleagues through the automated HR workflow.

This way, the distribution of tasks is automatic it requires no further action. Colleagues participating in the same task can only access tools and documents that are necessary for their own work, hence secure workflow management is guaranteed.

HR folyamatok

Human Resources specific workflows can be the following:

During the administration of the application-selection procedure the workflow system can be used for the permission of starting the employment procedure, for the approval of publishing the advertisement, to support the evaluation of the candidates as well as for the employment and lay off procedures.

Support and approval of the organizational procedures of trainings, conferences, courses as well as for the registration.

Support of the vacation request procedure.


A typical procedure with and without workflow at an HR organizational unit: request and approval of vacation

Let see how does the approval of the vacation request look like, taking into consideration that the complexity of the approval depends on the size of the company as well as the company’s written and other policies:

Without a workflow system the following issues can arise:

  • How many vacation days does an employee have?
  • How should the employee request a vacation: electronically, via e-mail or rather on paper?
  • Can the employee take a vacation when s/he would like to?
  • Where is the stack of vacation forms s/he can fill in have it signed to take days off?
  • Who can approve the vacation request of a given employee?
  • Has the vacation request been approved by the relevant manager?

By introducing a workflow system we can control the procedure of vacation request approval, we can predefine each work phase as well as the deadlines and responsible colleagues for each phase:

  • Automated procedure of vacation request and approval,
  • Multi-level approval support: both the approval of the line manager and the director of the company is necessary,
  • Registry of all as well as taken vacation days.

HR procedures affect your company too. The familiar procedures such as vacation request and approval, employment and lay off of employees or the administration of the application procedure are worth to be changed to be done electronically. You could control these more simply and efficiently with the help of workflow management. If you would like to see our software how it works, please contact our expert colleagues!