Task management

Have you known that in 42% of the cases an average worker uses wrong data once a week for his or her work?

Without an electronic task management system it is difficult to check and follow the tasks distributed to colleagues and the desired deadlines. By using a task management software the leaders have complete overview of tasks and workflows; they can track deadlines and they can check the status of different tasks. Thanks to the functions of the task management they can see the workflows remotely by using the mobile application. The greater the size of the company the greater is the responsibility. Why shouldn’t we take advantage of the possibilities provided by information technology to make executive tasks easier?

Task management

The task management software has to fulfill the following expectations:

  • Definition of tasks,
  • Distribution of tasks,
  • Checking deadlines and statuses,
  • Checking the connections of tasks, documents, and workflows.

Task management systems are used to register tasks that arise in an organization, to track their status, and to distribute tasks to the people responsible for them. A task can be distributed to one user or to a group of users. The task management system is designed in a way that the members of a group see one another’s activity as well that makes work even more efficient. Every user can receive e-mail notifications about the tasks distributed to him or her according to the user’s uniquely customized, own settings:

  • Automatic notification about receiving a new task,
  • Alert about the approaching deadline of the task,
  • Notification about expired deadline.

Electronic task management makes it possible to search among tasks according to numerous aspects. We can search for finished, suspended, or even closed tasks, but we can list tasks we have distributed or the ones we are supposed to do.

Has it ever caused you trouble that a task was not finished by the given deadline? Or perhaps it was not clear who blocks a very important procedure?

We offer a system as a solution that makes it possible to check the completion of a task and the connected workflows, plus, it provides an efficient interface for doing collaborative work and document registration. Contact our colleagues who can give you detailed information about our complex solution.