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We have integrated the four aspects of successful operation - document management, collaboration, task management, workflow - into one application, so we created an entirely new category of collaborative software. Discover the most popular features!

Simply the essence

Digital interface

Bixbit created an entirely new category of increasing corporate efficiency, and its essence is a central news feed where everything can be accessed and administered.

Intelligent news feed

New pieces of information created during corporate operation are displayed here, and the system always ranks the most important information first; this enables everyone to know what to concentrate on.


In the application, colleagues can create topics and connect any desired number of colleagues to them. By creating a topic, documents can be uploaded, tasks and workflows can be created.


In the specific workgroups several topics can be linked together, this way an arbitrary group of topics can de defined with a workgroup. In order to share knowledge, new cooperating partners can be added with a few clicks.


New tasks can be created and distributed and documents may also be attached to them. Either the tasks are to be performed individually or in groups, all colleagues can easily view their current activities and assign deadlines to them.


With workflows connected to documents or persons, corporate operation can be automatised. The system instantly forwards the information and data to the appropriate colleagues, and using a diagram, workflows may also be viewed in a visualized form.

Digital information management, simply


Any desired file format can be uploaded and edited, selecting it either from the topic or the document library. Documents can be shared with colleagues, workgroups, and comments may also be requested from them.

Version history

The executed modifications, their date and time and the person executing the changes can also be viewed instantly, for each document. Also, using version tracking, the previous version can be retrieved anytime.

All documents in one location

Identification numbers are assigned to each of the documents, the system stores their different versions and custom meta data may also be attached to them. The required documents may be searched for using several parameters, and also based on their contents.


Paper documents can be uploaded with a few clicks and the option for single as well as mass scanning is also provided; the system supports "paper-free operation".

Life cycle management

The complete history of the documents can be retrieved. This means that all evaluations, comments, modifications, and the different versions are available in one location and documents can also be associated with each other.


To save a lot of time a preview is available to read online about each document before opening and downloading the file.

Turns colleagues into a team

Turns colleagues into a team


Discussions with one or more participants can also be initiated, in order to replace emails. Chat can be started both from the interface and from topics; these discussions will be saved with the specific topic.

Import Emails

The email management of employees can be imported into the system, then the incoming messages will instantly appear in the intelligent message feed of bixbit where the option of sending emails is also provided.

Inspiring discussions

Colleagues are provided with several methods to interact with each other; common discussions make discovering new ideas and opportunities more effective, and also improve the efficiency of supporting decision-making.

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge can be shared with colleagues in many ways. A newly arriving colleague can be easily involved and he or she can join work instantly as the history of topics and documents connected to his/her work can be displayed retrospectively.

It makes common work really easy

It makes common work really easy

Views and quick views

Daily work is supported by several quick functions: new topics, tasks, or workflows can be created with a single click of a button, and different views enable simple and quick filtering.

Universal search

The system provides an easy search option in the contents of topics, among tasks, and also among files of the document library. If you enter different search parameters or use text match, you can search in the contents of documents, too.


The system provides complete transparency with regard to assigned or transferred tasks, documents, workflows, and discussions, and modifications can be easily tracked.

Support and help

Although the usage of bixbit is intuitive certain questions may arise during its operation, and our colleagues are happy to find an answer to them.


Users may set the changes they would like to be informed about, thus decreasing the number of unwanted emails. Alarms may freely be assigned to new tasks, topics, processes or even to new entries.

Unlimited meta data entry

The list of meta data can be freely extended, without limitations, and this way special, custom corporate requirements can be easily handled.

Security and verifiability

Authorization management

Each person is only entitled to access the information relevant to them, so you can avoid that information are disclosed to unauthorized persons.

Data safety

Colleagues can log in the system with a password, which is accompanied by high-level encryption. Making all information visible to members of the topic is not obligatory. Would you like to share a piece of information with only one person? Encrypt it!

Instant start of usage

Forget long and tiring software installations, thanks to the cloud technology, you can start bixbit immediately after a few clicks.

Cloud-based service

Bixbit is available on the highly reliable, encrypted servers of Therefore, no dedicated IT-specialist is required to operate the software.

Systematically ordered

Systematically ordered

Everything important

The intelligent content manager of bixbit ranks topics with modifications or updates - such as a newly received comment or a related document being updated - ahead, in order to ensure that everyone sees what to concentrate on.

Consistent interface design

As a part of intelligent highlighting, the recently updated topics, and also the topics requiring the user’s activity are displayed with a unique background color in each topic.

Version tracking

In case of work projects certain (major or minor) changes are often applied to the previously discussed arrangements and the system also supports tracking of these changes.

Mobile access

Life does not stop upon leaving the office, so, the mobile interface of bixbit enables pursuing corporate activities just as they are conducted sitting at the desktop. Mobile work performance is supported by a dedicated application.

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