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While our solution manages complex processes, tasks, information, and connections its structure and usage are intuitive and easy-to-learn, regardless of the colleagues’ positions.

4 in 1

4 in 1

In one, single software we have integrated four aspects of successful operation: document management, collaboration, task management, and workflow.


Platform independent

Using bixbit on a tablet or a mobile phone is just as easy and hassle-free as using it on a desktop computer or a notebook.



Bixbit is available on the highly reliable, encrypted servers of, consequently, no dedicated IT-specialist and IT-infrastructure are required for its operation - therefore no major investments are necessary.

Bixbit - In any organization, in all units.


Teamwork of Tomorrow. Without e-mail.

Everybody will be informed

Using bixbit to share comments, ideas, and files ensures the successful cooperation of colleagues without any limitations because of location due to mobile accessibility. No important information will be lost, and the current tasks performed by each person become transparent, including their progress.

Everything in one interface

There is no need to learn how to use different systems - documents and information can be managed with a single software, in one interface. Bixbit provides a flexible framework to common work performance.

Real-time discussions

Real-time discussions can be initiated with any of the colleagues, even if the parties are several hundred kilometers away from each other. Common discussions make the discovery of new ideas and possibilities, and the preparation of decisions more efficient.

Corporate workflow automation

Using workflow templates the expected corporate operation may easily be regulated and automated. Therefore, employees can perform their daily tasks in a quicker, more efficient way with less administration.

Tuned to transparency

The participants and the host of a specific process may view the current status of the workflow and the actions due belonging to each person.

Visualised workflow

Workflows stored in the system can be visualized and overviewed using the Diagram View. Thus, the performer of the tasks and the order of the specific tasks are visible at every step.

No lost tasks

The system enables creating and assigning tasks, there is no need to remember tasks or to write to do lists. Therefore all the information required for the optimal operation of the company are provided and accessible.

Each colleague knows his/her duties

There is no need to browse, tasks find the persons they are assigned to by themselves. Instant status reports can be retrieved about the assigned and transferred tasks; there is no need to bother colleagues to see the progress of certain tasks.

Tasks and documents “under one roof”

If there are documents linked to the completion of a task, managing them together makes work more transparent and efficient, because responsible person can identify the documents concerned immediately.

Documents in one safe location

All types of information - documents, presentations, videos, images - can be stored in one place in the document library, and these may later be accessed, shared, or edited in an organized manner by anyone having the appropriate authorizations.

Document lifecycle in one place

The system makes all events - evaluation, approval, versions, and templates - related to a document available in one location, in a structured manner, at any time. Version history enables everyone to work with the most up-to-date document, and at the same time it provides access to earlier versions as well.

Quick search, accurate results

Using unique labels (meta data) the document library can be searched with numerous search criteria, and with Full Text Search the contents of documents can also be included.

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