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Bixbit is available in several constructions, for which we will create a customized quotation for you, according to your needs. Please request a quote from us and our colleague will contact you within a short time.

Contents of the BASIC plan


  • creation of topics
  • creation of workgroups
  • ordering topics in workgroups
  • encryption of topics
  • hiding less important topics
  • individual and group chat
  • connecting chat discussions to topics
  • alarms on changes and updates
  • usage of quick views
  • sending and receiving emails in the system
  • filtering received, sent and deleted emails
  • sharing and commenting topics and documents

Document management

  • secure document sharing, commenting and editing
  • sharing documents with text messages
  • management of document versions
  • usage of the central document library
  • connecting related documents
  • search among documents based on different meta data
  • full text search within documents
  • parameterized document library option
  • all file types supported
  • mass scanning
  • tracking document life cycles
  • in-browser document preview
  • customizable document meta data
  • authorizations for each document

Task management

  • assigning and accepting tasks
  • management of individual and group tasks
  • assignment of deadlines to tasks
  • attaching documents to tasks
  • commenting related to tasks
  • tracking own and transferred tasks
  • task listing
  • accepting tasks via email


  • bixbit mobile app
  • bixbit for Android
  • bixbit for iPhone
  • bixbit for Windows Phone
  • display of the central feed
  • advanced search accessible from the central feed
  • creating, viewing topics
  • sharing, hiding topics, marking them as important
  • comment on topic
  • assigning, accepting, rejecting, closing tasks
  • starting, accepting, editing, closing workflows
  • task list
  • automatic alarms
  • viewing the latest version of a document
  • file upload

Workload prioritization

  • all information available in a central, intelligent feed
  • ranking updated topics ahead in the feed
  • marking changes in topics
  • everything is accessible via one interface

Simplifying operative work

  • email alarms based on custom settings
  • unlimited meta data entries by the user
  • views and quick views in 1 click
  • search among topics, documents, tasks

Security & Control

  • password-based login
  • password encryption
  • authorization management for topics, documents
  • cloud service with the AMAZON server
  • easy to install

Social collaboration

  • view users’ profiles and contact details
  • upload photo
  • invite team members
  • see who is online

Contents of the WORKFLOW module


  • automation of document-based workflows
  • human workflow automation
  • graphical diagram
  • workflow tracking
  • workflows are started by workflows

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