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4 solutions in 1 software

4 solutions in 1 software

Bixbit is an entirely new category in collaboration software. The solution integrates four aspects - document management, collaboration, task management, and workflow - necessary for the successful operation of the organisation in one clear interface, thus ensuring that individuals, workgroups, divisions, branches - in other words, the entire corporation - may develop toward a more efficient and profitable operation.

Intuitive usage

While the system manages complex processes, tasks, information, and connections, its structure and usage are very simple. Its introduction does not last for months; the use of the consciously designed interface is intuitive and easy-to-learn, regardless of colleagues’ positions and the functional fields they represent. .

Intelligent wall

The essence of bixbit is the intelligent feed that ensures that everyone knows what to do and provides access to all information required for work performance. After logging in, users can instantly see what they have to work with, and thus the task finds the employee and not vice versa. All changes related to the project can be easily seen, and even to involve a newly arriving colleague will not take a long time.

Instant communication

Forget long corporate meetings and confusing group emails! Several forms of interaction are available for colleagues in the application - they can create topics, send messages and chat - and common discussions make the discovery of new ideas and possibilities, and the preparation of decisions more efficient.


Several parameters and meta data can be assigned to the information, documents stored in the solution. This flexibility assists the corporation and the functional fields by creating a knowledge base tailored to their specific demands. Such stored information can be searched easily and quickly. The definition of workflows is also ensured by flexibly customizable templates.


Each person can only access the information required for their work, therefore there is no more frustration or leak of information. The system encrypts passwords and (if required) topics as well. You do not have to worry about secure operation either, as bixbit stores data on highly reliable, encrypted servers, which cannot be decrypted.

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